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Savita Nayak

Savita Nayak is a STEM teacher with a decade plus years of experience in teaching Maths and Science, and in mentoring students for various competitive exams and STEM competitions. She has first served for 15 years as a High School teacher in Karnataka teaching Maths to students in India. Then, she relocated in USA as her family had migrated and taught there in private and public county schools. Currently, she teaches at the Fulton County Schools as a substitute teacher and mentors her kids for all STEM programs and various Olympiad activities.

She has a Masters in Science (M.S.) degree with Maths specialization, and Bachelors degrees in Education (B.Ed.) and Science (B.S.).

She is a mother of a Sophomore, and a Middle schooler, and has achieved a very high success rate in training them to compete at the State-Level Championships in Maths and Science Olympiads. She has placed her son in a Robotics VEX program and has successfully conducted a volunteer summer program for local kids, to train budding, Robotics and Artificial Engineers.

Asha Hegde

Asha Hegde is a prominent former PTA member of local middle school and a mentor of various Science and Technology clubs. She has 10+ years of coaching experience in various elementary and middle schools. She is a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) with Business Practice Specialization and has completed post graduate study/course in Computer/Software Programming following her graduate study.

Asha moved to United States in the year 2000 and has been living there since. She has deep interests in music, art, and yoga and has been constantly engaged in keeping her passion alive in these areas, while raising her only child and helping her navigate through the academic as well as various extracurricular activities.

Asha was deeply involved in promoting and developing the Science Olympiad program/teams at South Forsyth Middle School and coached the team for various events for 4 years. Under Asha’s coaching, the team won State Championship, as well as top 10 in various events for 2 consecutive years. Teams won various events in regional events and county level competitions. She also ran multiple science Olympiad events in invitational science Olympiad competition at the county level.

Asha was a chair of the reflection program in her daughter’s middle school for 2 years and as well as the county school board system.