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Our Differentiator

Our coaching philosophy is based on “learn by real life examples”. Genius Hangout is the place for kids to explore the future. It’s the third place for them to spend their free time and engage in after-school activities. State-of-the-art NextGen technology resources are in abundance to help them, and to play with. Kids get to interact with other children with similar attributes and collaborate, exchange ideas, build robots, print new models using 3D printers, fly drones, and learn to write code.


At Genius Hangout, we strongly believe that a free environment will help kids explore newer thing and accelerate their learning curve. We have designed a course of 36 weeks for kids in “Science, Technology, Engineering, Analytical, Maths, Strategy (STEAMS)” for a head start in NextGen Tech.

Hangout Enrichment Program

The third place for Kids to hang out and spend their time between the school and home.Kids spend 3 hours on their homework, test preparation, and the specific assignments by Genius Hangout Mentors.

Groups of 5 students are assigned to a specific GH mentor who will closely work with the kids. Genius Hangout Mentors coach, train, and watch the students to assess the kids’ learning curve and development of their individual course path for the kids.

Explore all of the Next Gen Tech resources such as Robotics, Science Center, 3D printers, Drones, and various other eSports. Based on their interest they can pursue any of the 36-week module course their skills in a particular are of interest.

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Drones are going to be the mainstream technology in coming

years if not already they have.

At Genius Hangout we offer 36 weeks courses on flying and building drones.
This course keeps the beginner in mind and coach on all basics of Drone Pilot courses.Drone Safety, Drone Basics 101, Drone Racing, Advanced Drone Use and Piot training.

Learn on a popular DJI drone models in the market and explore all new models of Drones provided by Genius Hangout. Hone and build confidence in drone flying with hands on 20 mins flying time in every class. Learn Basic flights, maneuvers, and advanced acrobatic skills. Learn to handle emergency situation and battery management skills. Also, you will become a life time member of the Drone Pilot community of Genius Hangout.

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Our coding programs are intended to give the kids an early head start into

the field of computing,

so they are early adopters and have a good foundation and knowledge to make their way into the STEM field of 21st century, where there is a tremendous need of people with very strong foundation and proficient knowledge of computer programming/coding.

Our coding curriculum is built on a philosophy that the kids not only need to learn HOW but also WHY, by giving them a sound basic/fundamental knowledge of the programming, providing an early head start into the field of coding, to prepare them for the rigorous needs of the 21st century.

At Genius Hangout we offer course on Scratch, Tynker and Pyhton modules. At Genius Hangout, the Kids are taught from the basics to take them through the various nuances of computer programming/coding, with special focus/emphasis on using/applying their creativity and analytical reasoning to help them with the application of their knowledge than focusing just on HOW to use the tools.

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3D printers:

If your kid wish to learn about 3D printing but have no prior knowledge

or experience then you are at the right place.

Have you been hearing a lot about 3D printing recently? In this course we will teach you all the basics of 3D Printing! Thanks to advances in desktop 3D printing, this incredible technology is now becoming commercially available for everyone to enjoy. 3D Printing Basics is a beginner level course designed for anyone who wants to start learning about 3D Printing but has no idea what 3D printing is or where to begin! You do NOT need a 3D printer or a subscription to a CAD software to take this course! By the end of these lessons you should have a solid understanding of where you can implement this technology and why you should buy a 3D printer! Throughout the course you will learn entry-level concepts behind 3D printing, the different kinds of 3D printers, various 3D printing materials and when to use them, and even some tips and techniques for how you can use 3D printing at home! This course also teaches you on how to operate a 3D printer or how to design 3D models with 3D CAD software. Our additional courses cover more advanced topics, such as 3D printer operations and 3D modeling.

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36 Weeks Deep Learning

We offer the following six different courses in STEAMS stream: Drones, Coding, Science Centers, 3D printers, Robotics, Maths, and Reading


Actress, Maths writer, and education advocate, Danica McKellar, once said”

Learning math is like going to the gym for your brain, it sharpens your mind.”

Our curriculum on Maths and coaching method resonates the statement of Danica. Our state of the art videos helps kids to learn the basic principles of every aspect of math.

Modules based curriculum covers the entire spectrum of kids who are at various levels of their Maths Curriculum. Our 5000 mins practice philosophy helps students to practice and improve their skills and be ahead of their peers.

Genius Hangout offers thousands of skills designed for the US national core curriculum. Our unique learn from fundamental applied Maths technique helps students to understand the concept and learn it as a life skill.

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Students create robots that complete specified tasks on a course designed

and built by the program’s teaching assistants.

Each year there are different courses and themes to provide a unique experience in applying knowledge and skills to a simulated real-world situation.

As part of coursework, teams of four students work for approximately 8 weeks designing, building, coding, and documenting autonomous and driver-controlled robots to meet a challenge. The project culminates in a final public competition, an in-class oral report, and a thorough documentation package.

Competitions take place at various levels all the way up to worldlevel.

At the competition, robots have up to 2 minutes to complete the tasks on the course, and points are assignedfor each task.

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Genius Hangout 5 steps Strategy based reading course helps to

enhance Lexile levels of kids by in excess 100 points.

We offer reading basics, reading 101, advanced reading and comprehension helps kids to excel in the reading. Our co-operative based learning helps kids to work together and the competitive environment creates kids to move ahead each other in their reading capability.

Effective comprehension strategy instruction can be accomplished through cooperative learning, which involves students working together as partners or in small groups on clearly defined tasks. Cooperative learning instruction has been used successfully to teach comprehension strategies. Students work together to understand texts, helping each other learn and apply comprehension strategies. Teachers help students learn to work in groups. Teachers also provide modeling of the comprehension strategies.

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